Featured Items

This month we are highlighting our mirrors, paintings and other wall art!

The featured collection is just a drop in the pocket of what there is to see on line and at the store. We will continue adding to the online collection as we go but be sure to search inventory under mirrors or art to see items that are not featured on the curated pages. 

Coming Soon...

A Pre-Season Sale on Selected Items....


General Abraham Rose
Historic House

Laurin Copen Antiques is located at 1703 Montauk Highway - east of Watermill just past Newlight Lane and west of Bridgehampton Village, just past Carvel, on the south side of the highway in the General Abraham Rose historic house. Look for the white fence and the sign with the bird on it. If the traffic is heavy, check below for backroad routes to avoid the highway.

Backroad Routes

Laurin Copen Antiques

1703 Montauk Highway
Bridgehampton, NY 11932
Phone: 631-537-2802
Fax: 631-537-4156